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Lead Pastor Search Update

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Pastoral Search Update May 7

Our candidate, Pastor Dave Anderson, has accepted the position here at Church on the Hill as our new Lead Pastor. We are excited to welcome Dave and his wife Kristin, and daughter Grace. Dave and Kristin’s son Luke is currently attending college. Details concerning when Dave Anderson will arrive here in McMinnville are still pending. Stay tuned for details concerning a welcoming reception.

Please review the following FAQs.

Q) Did Dave tell his board or staff yet?

A) Dave has now told his church board, staff, and church family. Everyone is aware he will be relocating to McMinnville.

Q) When will Dave and his family get here?

A) We don’t know yet. Dave has told our church board that the earliest it would be sometime in July.

Q) What changes will there be between now and when Dave gets here?

A) Nothing changes between now and his arrival. Ashley Summers will still remain the Interim Lead Pastor and all of the staff and leadership will continue to do the amazing job that they been doing for the rest of this transition time.

Q) Will there be a reception event for Dave and his family when they get here?

A) Yes! There will be a welcoming reception – the date and time of which will be finalized when more information is known regarding his arrival.

Q) How can I pray?

A) God has already answered one prayer, the Anderson’s have already accepted an offer on their home. Pray for Midland’s leadership and pray for God to give them a successful transition to what is next for their church. Pray for the Anderson’s to have a smooth transition to McMinnville and that all the details come together easily.