Groups are an integral part to all that we do at COTH because we believe that life is better when it’s done together. It’s easier to build community within a small group setting than it is at church on the weekends. So, how can you get connected? LifeGroups!  If you’re only joining us on Sundays, you’re just skimming the surface of what COTH is all about. LifeGroups are a great way to meet new friends, grow in your relationship with God, have fun and make a difference.   Questions? Email the LifeGroups Coordinator


As we start the next school year some of our LifeGroups are reforming.

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COTH makes leading a LifeGroup fun & easy. Click here if you’re interested in leading or hosting a LifeGroup at COTH.

Leading or hosting a LifeGroup is simple!  You don’t need to be a Bible “expert” or lifelong group leader. COTH LifeGroups Staff will help you with curriculum, how to facilitate effective discussions, tips on how to build community, and more.  All you need is faith in Jesus, a love of people, and a place to gather.


Download the User Guide PDF on the InFellowship congregational portal to manage your account

Download the Leaders Guide PDF to the InFellowship LifeGroups management application

LifeGroups FAQs

What is a LifeGroup?  LifeGroups are small groups of people who meet weekly around a common interest, study, or activity.  They are made up of people like you who want to grow in relationship with Jesus and connect with others who are headed in the same direction. LifeGroups have 6-20 people and meet weekly for 6 to 12 weeks.  It’s a short-term commitment, so give it a try! Each season, most of the groups in our catalog are new.

When do LifeGroups begin? Each group has a different schedule, but most are usually active during when school is active September through June, with occasional monthly meetings during the Summer season.

How do I know which LifeGroup is for me? There are always lots of options when it comes to finding a group that fits you.  When you look through the listing you’ll see groups generally fall into the following types:

Groups for Everyone
Family or Parenting Groups
Couples Groups
Women’s Groups
Men’s Groups
Groups for Specific Ages or Stages
Activity Groups
Support and Recovery Groups

Within each of these categories you’ll find groups by day, time, location or other parameters that will help you connect. Some groups offer childcare.