Children’s Wing

childrens wing

Our children’s wing includes 18 classrooms, a media library, a large group meeting area called The Zone and Scotty’s Playhouse. In use seven days a week, this wing not only meets the needs of our KidZone Children’s Ministry, but also allows others in the community an opportunity to benefit from and connect with our church, whether they attend services here or not.

Scotty’s Playhouse
Scotty’s Playhouse was built in honor of Scott Banke, Karina Hargis and Grace Blanchard—three children who, by some standards, left this world far to early. A large mural, rising 30 feet above the floor memorializes the lives of these three children and others. The 3,000 sq. ft. playhouse also contains one of the largest indoor play structures in the Northwest, as well as a tot lot for younger kids and a cafe seating area for adults.Though Scotty’s Playhouse pays tribute to Scott, Corina and Grace, it is a gift to all children in this community from the parents of those the children, from the See Ya Later Foundation and from the Church on the Hill family. (For more info on open play times, parties and volunteer opportunities, click here.)

The Zone
The Zone is an incredible 2,400 sq. ft. meeting area complete with a large stage, theatrical lighting and an excellent audio/visual system. The Zone houses KIDS Church on Sundays, Confident Kids on Thursdays and a number of other gatherings throughout the the week. What’s most incredible about this room is that we are able to utilize the efforts of kids to run their own church service—from singing on stage to running sound and lights and powerpoint. This room gives us one more opportunity to allow kids to contribute what they have in service to God and others.

Our 18 classrooms were designed with kids in mind. Each room is equipped with both soft and hard floor surfaces which allow for a number of activities. Huge windows flood rooms with natural light which, when mixed with the cool colors of the room, results in a soothing atmosphere. Infant/toddler rooms are constructed and furnished with safety and cleanliness in mind. Other preschool rooms are age-appropriate and fitted with learning centers to enhance a preschooler’s experience. Grade school rooms are versatile, allowing for both table and floor activities. They are also equipped with various forms of technology to enhance learning.

Media Library
The media library is filled with books and videos for grade school kids and has a large section of family enrichment books, CD’s and videos on parenting and marriage. Four computers are in place for use in conjunction with some of our curriculum. These same computers are available to kids for personal use with regard to school research and other projects. (Volunteer librarians are currently needed to make the media library more available throughout the week.)